Across four core Initiative focus areas—Education, Healthcare, Sharing Happiness and Nature Conservation — we take up rigorous, well-thought out long term initiatives to accelerate the pace of social progress.


The Infinite Forest

Vadodara, derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘vatodara’, meaning ‘in the heart of the Banyan (vata) tree’. The banyan trees of the city inspired fables and is used as the logo by the local corporation. According to a report published by Forest Department of India in 2020, Vadodara District has seen a 25.8% decline in forest cover since the last report published in 2017.

Through our initiative Anantvan, we are determined to protect the environment by helping create functional urban forests and lakes that are wild, maintenance free and native. These forests will attract biodiversity, will be enjoyed by local citizens and will act a carbon sink for the city. We are currently developing a model Anantvan on 2 acres of land. This will allow the team to develop a practical understanding of the process and help build competency.